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DUI Defense Attorney

DUI (driving under the influence) charges are a common occurrence in Illinois. Usually, police officers pull you over if they notice that you appear to be intoxicated. This can be due to the smell of alcohol, bloodshot eyes or slurred speech. But each case is different. You can challenge the arrest by hiring an experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney. Read on to learn more about how DUI defense attorneys can help you beat these charges.

Experienced litigator Stephen J. Feldman has fought numerous DUI cases and helped many clients avoid the consequences of DUI charges. His knowledge of Illinois DUI law and experience in litigating these cases has earned him recognition as an outstanding young lawyer in the area of criminal defense. As a result, he has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine as an “Outstanding Young Lawyer in the Area of Criminal Defense.”

An experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney will know the law well and can explain all possible outcomes to his clients. He will also listen to their specific goals and work hard to help them become reality. These goals may include retaining driving privileges, avoiding hefty fines and staying out of jail. A skilled and aggressive Chicago DUI defense attorney will fight aggressively to protect their client’s rights and prevent a criminal record. The attorney should also have ample experience in litigating DUI cases, and will be willing to fight for you to get the best possible outcome.

If you are arrested for DUI in Illinois, you must work with a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Illinois DUI laws are particularly strict and harsh. Depending on the specifics of your case, a conviction for DWI may result in an extended prison term, loss of driver’s license, a high insurance premium and more. If you are arrested for a DUI in Chicago, it is imperative to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights and your future.

A DUI defense attorney can protect your rights and save your license. A conviction in Illinois can carry large fines, community service, or jail time. If you are convicted of a DUI, you could even face additional charges of reckless homicide, which carry even harsher punishments. If you need an experienced DUI defense attorney, contact the Super Lawyers free directory to find a qualified DUI/DWI attorney. You’ll be glad you did!

An experienced DUI attorney can protect you from these serious charges. A skilled attorney will gather evidence and challenge the prosecution’s case. A good DUI defense attorney will make sure that the police don’t force you to take field sobriety tests. A good DUI defense attorney will also help you determine whether the prosecutor can prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor will be required to prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt, so hiring a DUI defense attorney is essential.

If your DUI attorney has a proven record of avoiding alcohol education classes, your case may have a good chance of success. The judge will consider the evidence that was presented to them, and will also examine the driver’s behavior. If you were a cooperative and non-combative driver, the judge won’t favor your case. Even if you were fighting with the officer, you should avoid resisting them. By making the judge feel uncomfortable, the judge may reduce your charges or make your alcohol program shorter.

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